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Changing lives - one child at a time.

Follow the journey of a single dad and his three small children who came to the Care Service in crisis. This 10-part monthly series will delve deep into a true Care Service case from the perspective of the little boy. The story highlights the many tools the Care Service utilizes to empower and educate its families to become self-sufficient and ultimately create systemic change. Systemic change occurs when the root cause of the problem is strategically addressed and fundamentally changed through behavior modification and collaboration. Our goal is to provide the tools and support to our families who put in the work to make these life-altering changes.

Jake’s Story

Jake’s Story – Chapter 1 – My mom was hurting me and my little sisters Sophie and Emma, so my dad had to find us a new, safer place to live.   We are staying at my aunt’s house for a little while. I sleep on a cot in the kitchen, my sisters sleep in…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 2

Jake’s Story – Chapter 2 – My legs are really tired today. Our van is still broken, so my dad and my sisters have to walk me to school. It takes more than an hour to get there. My dad is trying to get the van fixed, but he doesn’t have enough money yet. I…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 3

Jake’s Story – Chapter 3 – The van is fixed! Dad finally got the part he needed. He said he is going to take us to the river this weekend to throw rocks and have a picnic. And that’s not even the best news—we found a new house!  Miss Jill’s work is going to help…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 4

Jake’s Story – Chapter 4 – We moved into our new house! I have my very own room all to myself. My sisters and I played hide and seek while Dad and Miss Jill talked about money and budgeting stuff. We don’t have any furniture yet, but Miss Jill is going to help us with…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 5

Jake’s Story – Chapter 5 – Emma has been really sick. So sick that she had to go to the hospital. Dad said she needed to have a surgery to make her feel better, and that Sophie and I need to stay at the Crisis Nursery for a little while. I was scared to leave…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 6

Jake’s Story – Chapter 6 – Miss Jill came to visit today, and she brought us a new, big washing machine. The little camping machine broke, and our clothes were getting really dirty. I was embarrassed to go to school because I thought the kids would make fun of me and tell me I smelled.…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 7

Jake’s Story – Chapter 7 – My dad took me and my sisters to visit Miss Jill in her office today. Miss Jill is going to help my dad read and fill out some papers so my mom has to pay some money to help take care of me and my sisters. The problem is…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 8

Jake’s Story – Chapter 8 – My mom has been calling us a lot. She said she wants to come home because she misses us. I miss my mom a lot, but I’m also scared of her. My dad talked to us and said it wasn’t going to be the same, and that if my…

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Jake’s Story – Chapter 9

Jake’s Story – Chapter 9 – Santa came to our house! I got a new race track set, and my sisters got the exact Barbie dolls that they wanted. We even had a real Christmas tree that dad put up in the living room. It was the best Christmas ever! Miss Jill came after Christmas…

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