Jake’s Story

- Chapter 8 -

My mom has been calling us a lot. She said she wants to come home because she misses us. I miss my mom a lot, but I’m also scared of her. My dad talked to us and said it wasn’t going to be the same, and that if my mom hurt me I needed to tell him or a teacher right away. Dad said she was going to only stay with us for a couple of weeks to see if it was going to work. It was nice having my mom home, but she decided to leave after a week. She stole some money out of dad’s wallet and never came back. I’m kind of glad.

My dad is better when my mom isn’t here. Miss Jill brought a big basket of food with a turkey and pie for Thanksgiving, and talked with my dad about our house. My dad has been saving his money so he can pay the rent next month. He has followed the budget Miss Jill helped him set up, and he has been able to pay all of his other bills and open a savings account.



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