Jake’s Story

- Chapter 7 -

My dad took me and my sisters to visit Miss Jill in her office today. Miss Jill is going to help my dad read and fill out some papers so my mom has to pay some money to help take care of me and my sisters. The problem is that the court can’t find the right address to give her the paperwork. After helping dad answer all the questions for the paper, Miss Jill gave him the phone number for some lawyers that would be able to help him better.

Jake's Story
Jake's Story

Dad told Miss Jill how good I was doing in school since I got my IEP. I’ve been able to raise ALL of my grades, and I like school a lot better now. Dad is now trying to learn to read so he can help me with my homework. He goes to a tutor once a week and he can read me some of my books. I’m so proud of him. Miss Jill called Sacred Heart to see if there was anyone who could help my dad with his reading once our case is closed.

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