Jake’s Story

- Chapter 2 -

My legs are really tired today. Our van is still broken, so my dad and my sisters have to walk me to school. It takes more than an hour to get there. My dad is trying to get the van fixed, but he doesn’t have enough money yet. I try not to complain because I know he’s trying, but I really wish we had a car.


Miss Jill came to my aunt’s house today for a visit. Sophie got scared and started crying because she thought Miss Jill was going to take our dad away. Dad explained to Sophie that Miss Jill was just trying to help them.


Miss Jill told dad about some places we can get food by our house, and she brought dad some papers that will help us get new clothes. All of my clothes are dirty, and the camping washing machine doesn’t work very well. It’s no fun staying at Aunt Carrie’s house. We have to be quiet ALL the time. Aunt Carrie is always mad, and it stresses my dad out. Dad told Miss Jill that he is moving up on the NECAC housing list, and he applied for a mobile home park. I hope that means we get to move soon.

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Watch for more of Jake’s story to be released on June 9th.

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