Food Pantry 

The Care Service Food Pantry is the largest food pantry in St. Charles, Lincoln & Warren counties.

Food PantryOperating since 1981, the Pantry distributes food each week to low-income families and individuals who do not have the means for purchasing adequate supplies. By providing food assistance, the Care Service enables families to use scarce financial resources for other household necessities such as housing, utilities, transportation, and medical needs, and move toward becoming stable and independent. The families receiving goods from the Food Pantry are typically referred to the Care Service by other social service agencies in the area. However, many clients find out about the Food Pantry while at the Care Service for other assistance, such as help with rent or utilities.  Over 60 dedicated volunteers help work nine shifts, pick up supplies from over 18 locations, sort, prepare, and distribute food and household goods to about 125 families each week. The Food Pantry is sustained primarily through community support, including donations from civic groups, local schools, churches, and individual families, with a majority of the food and goods being donated on a weekly basis for our clients.

The Food Pantry provides many services to those in need.  In addition to weekly food sustenance, clients receive personal hygiene items as available, household cleaning supplies as available, school supplies at the start of the school year, Easter baskets for children under 12 years of age, and No Hunger Holiday (Thanksgiving meal).

Donations and Financial Contributions

Financial contributions and in-kind donations are accepted throughout the year. Financial contributions may be made online via this website, dropped off Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm or mailed to 4116 McClay Road, St. Charles, MO 63304.  In-kind donations may be dropped during the same hours.  If you have questions about donations of food or personal care items, please contact the Food Pantry at (636) 441-1302, ext. 262.


Looking for ideas?  Here is our ongoing Pantry Wishlist:

Kid Friendly Foods - Cereal, Instant Oatmeal, Pop Tarts, Fruit Rollups, Juice Boxes, Peanut Butter Crackers, Graham Crackers, Cheese Crackers, Fruit Cups, Pudding Cups, Fruit Rollups.

Canned Goods -  Chicken, Beef Stew, Tuna, Canned Meats, Chicken and Dumplings, Canned Fruit, Potatoes, Chili

Drys (Foods That Only Need Water To Mix) - Rice, Instant Potatoes, Pasta and Rice Mixes, Pancake Mix and Syrup

Become a

Program Sponsor

Sponsor our Food Pantry program for the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a recognized voice in the fight against homelessness and hunger and to support the local communities where you do business.

To find out about the benefits of becoming a Care Service Partner, contact us at (636) 441-1302, extension 263.

TP the Pantry

TP the Pantry

Toilet paper is always a welcome donation, so if you are looking for a great and easy idea for a collection or drive, help us TP the Pantry!

Tax Credits Are Back!

The State of Missouri has re-established the Food Pantry Tax Credit. Donations of food (with receipt) or cash to the Care Service Food Pantry up to $5,000 and made before December 31, 2014, are eligible for a 50% tax credit (up to $2,500) on your Missouri tax return. Only tax returns filled out by April 15, 2015 are eligible for the tax credit and certain documentation is required. To find out more, visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website, contact your personal tax consultant, or call Finance at (636) 441-1302, extension 260. If making donations to qualify for this tax credit by check, please include the words "Food Pantry" in the memo line.

To Qualify for Services...

Pantry recipients must be homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Family members must be residents of St. Charles, Lincoln or Warren County for at least six months prior to receiving services and must have an income that falls at or below 50% of the area median income level. In addition, a family (or head household) is required to come to the Care Service to be certified. NEED HELP? Call us at the Care Service, (636) 441-1302, and make an appointment for certification.